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Meet the Team

July 13, 2010


We have had a few staff changes in the past few months, so it would be great if the team members were mentioned here in their entirety. Past & present have all contributed their passion and commitment Covelli to that I feel it is vital that they are put up in lights.  Kasey had an urge. Three years ago she had an urge and with that urge was the formation of a great team to build a wonderful business in the fashion and footwear arena.
Kasey is in the middle of this pic with me in the red frill and Annette on left of the pic.

"Team Players

Annette, Kasey & "The Voice"

Then in April Kasey had another urge,  so she decided to begin her own dream and and with that we wish her well.

VIP Girls

VIP Girls

Beth also had a dream about the same time that Kasey did and she wanted to spend more time with the grandchildren so after 3 years with us she gezumped us for nappys and bottles, but we know that she is happy doing this. Beth is second from the left – So here we have all but one not mentioned and this is Lee on the right, she is also here below wearing a fabulous pink leather jacket. In April  when Kasey & Beth departed I was very fortunate to have my girl Friday ( are they still called that) willing to step in and learn learn learn.  Let me introduce to you our newest member of the team Tanya, mind you we have to fit the job in with the “horses” .  Yes I agree she doesn’t look like a “horsey girl , but  there she goes off riding every weekend . So there is Lee in the pink Jacket & Tanya in the purple Jacket  – and with Annette we have a great little ream, bursting with enthusiasm and drive. It works wonders. Thanks to all the girls.

Lee Wearing Fab Pink Leather Jacket

Lee Wearing Fabulous Pink Leather Jacket

Tanya wearing caula coat

Tanya in Purple Coat

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  1. nadia permalink
    July 30, 2010 11:25 am

    Tell the team to have their running shoes on as i will be spending up on Saturday!

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