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Weddings – then and now

July 14, 2010

Dum, di, dah, it is time for the big reveal!

Stephanie James' Stella Wedding Dress

This week for our first wedding then and now I have chosen this beautiful dress called ‘Stella’.  It is designed by New York based Stephanie James who specialises in making divine wedding dresses and suits.  ‘Stella’ is made of stretch silk satin.

You can see here that it has the same gathered section in the front bust and dips in a slight v, which is similar but not quite as pronounced as Betty’s.  In addition this dress is a little lighter in look and texture using the lace over the shoulders and going for a short sleeve instead of long sleeve option.

Click here to see Betty.

You can check out interpretations on Stella on Stephanie James’ blog.  I especially like the peacock feather idea!  In fact I can spend (and regularly do spend) hours on her website just seeing the dresses and then the way they are interpreted!  No doubt we will bring you more of her dresses in the future!

So now we need to turn our attention to next week!  This time we will be doing a dress that got two wears, the first time in 1939, and the second in 1942.  There is a fantastic story about these dresses and the sisters who wore them on Fashion Era.

Evan and Lorraine 1939

Tom and Florence 1942

Do get to the page about these photos and the style of these dresses, simply click on either photo or on the link above.

Lorraine was married just after the start of the second world war and purchased her dress for a guinea.  Florence reused the dress in 1942 given the restrictions due to the war.

Check back next Thursday to see what we can find!

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