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July 24, 2010

The old grip-tuth comb, that comes in three size so they are perfect for all hair needs!  This is an advert from the 1940’s that I stumbled across in a book on hair fashion of the era.  No woman’s hairstyle was complete without some sort of clip or comb.

Combs are fantastic, but thankfully they have come a little way from these.  Of course you can still go out an purchase a standard grip-tuth comb, but I love the fantastic new combs you can get, that do far more than just hold your hair in the one position so it stays neat.  No these combs of today create a statement, as bold or as dramatic as you like.  Here are some of my favourite!

The first one here I found in GlamGal, it is a dazzling rhinestone comb with over 75 Swarovski crystals in each petal.  The next one is from Paris Style Group and is a very pretty hair piece, perfect for a wedding and finally my favourite because you could wear it with jeans and a pink cardigan is this gorgeous vintage pink clip with a button from Liz in the Blue Mountains.

Covelli also stock a range of fashionable accessories, with more designs and variety available in store.

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