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Weddings – then and now

July 29, 2010

1950s style wedding dress from Dana Bolton

There were lots to choose from with this classic dress, it has been taken and reinterpreted so many times.  It is such a gorgeous and classic dress that I am sure it will still be just as popular in another fifty or sixty years time!

I liked this dress by Dana Bolton at Dressmaking Design Co. the best because a lot of the dresses seemed to lose the magic simplicity and beauty of the original.  This one captures that perfectly.

The dress like the original has a boat neck and is pin tucked into a tight little waist.  I especially liked the addition of the triple waist band of material on the dress.

Finally  the skirt while not as full and fluffy as Audrey’s was, nor as short, it is still very much in keeping with the style and design of that gorgeous dress.  If it were my wedding I would wear this dress with red shoes, have a bouquet of red flowers and a big red flower hair accessory in my hair.

So let us turn ourselves to next week, and this time I have found a cool old wedding photo taken on July 11, 1946, and shows the wedding party of John and Esther Anderson.  Ahhh, sheer sleeves!

Image courtesy of Fashion-Era

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