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I’m on fire..

July 30, 2010

I'm on fire - in this case quite literally!

So this morning I have the song by Kasabian stuck firmly into my head, so I am sitting here humming away “I’m on fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiierR” which is the way it sounds.  The rest of the lyrics are not as fun as singing along with the fiiiierR!  Sort of reminds me of that fantastic Johnny Cash song, Ring of Fire, he is another who would rather drawl the fire into a fiiiiiiiiiieeerR.

The best thing about both songs is the way you need to fully distort your face in order to get the ‘RR’ on the end!  Want to know what I’m talking about, click on either band name to go to the website.  For Kasabian you will see the audio box on the right, choose Fire, and get ready to roll out those RRR’s.

Or perhaps you have to be like this poor guy, though would you really go that far for your music?

Limited edition flame bowling shirt available now

Not for me, these Covelli cotton flames are more to my taste. Though I do ponder the ironic idea of a flame shirt on fire, but then you would have to be wearing hot pants! Ha

Can you tell its Friday?

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