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Blue skies ahead

July 31, 2010

Zara Blue Check dress by Bettie Page

Do you ever wonder about the term blue skies ahead?  It prompts of good things to come, yet if you have blue days ahead, then they are sad.  Odd, I know that the blue skies represent clear and trouble free moments, but when did fluffy white clouds cause anyone any trouble?  Sure those big menacing grey / black ones do, but is it fair to put them all in the same category?

Anyway as I ponder blue, I thought today I would do a blue skies post (summer after all is on its way!).  These are my favourite blue things, firstly I think everyone should have at least one blue dress like this Bettie Page check dress and one pair of blue shoes. Mine are a pair of Alannah Hill shoes with pale pink frilly bits on them, though I would consider swapping them with these beauties below.

Blue Shoes from the Coveted blog

Then when you get tired of blue jeans, there are always these blue sailor pants!

TigerRag Sailor Pants.

Top it all off with blue accessories.

Covelli currently has in stock similar blue sailor pants, the blue and black Bettie Page dress and the accessories below, unfortunately we regret to inform you that Smurfette is not available to purchase.  We do feel however that Covelli clothing would suit her as a fellow flirty female!  Plus a change from that white dress would be nice!

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