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Who is Bettie Page?

August 3, 2010

You probably have seen our Bettie Page clothing, but you may wonder who she is? Bettie Page was one of the most well known pin up girls of the 50’s and was named ‘Miss Pinup Girl of the World’ in 1955.  Bettie had a winning combination of smooth tanned skin, deep blue eyes and coal-black hair and was loved for her ‘girl next door’ look and innocent smile.

After a troubled childhood where she was placed in an orphanage after her parents divorced, Bettie worked hard at school and was voted in her year book as the ‘most likely to succeed’.  Succeed she did, but at the height of her fame she disappeared from the limelight.  Questions were asked, but it was nearly four decades later that the truth was revealed that she had fled her success and given her life to Christ.

During her life she married several times, and in 2008 passed away after suffering a heart attack at age 85.

Covelli stocks a large range of Bettie Page clothing.

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