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If the shoe fits…

August 18, 2010

This shoe is too small, image from

Well that is the point isn’t it?  Shoes should fit, they are designed with two main purposes in mind, to protect your feet and prevent them from getting injured.  Secondary to these, shoes should look good! 🙂  But all too often in the quest for shoes that look fantastic, women end up forgetting the first two points and buy shoes that look great in the box, but instead of protecting their feet are the cause of their injury.

It is a fine line between getting shoes that look good and that are super comfortable.  We have all made sacrifices on the comfort at one point or another to get something that is wow-gorgeous.

Another example of an ill fitting shoe, image sourced from

So do ill fitting shoes look good?

Well they might have in the box, but on your feet they will look terrible, no matter how pretty. Think it is a rare sight?

Well no, it is actually very common on a catwalk runways as the shoe size of the woman is rarely considered.  This results in many of their shoes being too small or too big.  The first image and second image both clearly show that the shoes being worn are too small for the models wearing them.  Sadly these models are not able to direct what size shoe they wear on the catwalk and thankfully it is only for a short period.

If your shoe has a closed over front, then the only place for your heel to go is over the back of the shoe.  This will not only cause you blisters where the strap wraps around the heel, but also spreads your weight unevenly, which could cause the shoe to break.  Shoes that are too small with a peep toe look just as bad with toes crammed through a little hole at the front!

This shoe is clearly too big!

But this is not the only time we see ill fitting shoes.  This next image is of Victoria Beckham’s foot and you can see that her feet are way too small for the shoe that she is wearing.

It is not hard to find images of shoes that clearly do not fit on the internet.  So what do you think?  Is it all about fashion when you buy a new pair of shoes, or do they have to have some level of comfort?

For me, I like flats most of the time and save my crazy high heels for going out.  There is a little bit of squishing or sliding, but in the most part they are comfortable.  Although I do admit I have shed a tear over that ‘PERFECT’ pair of shoes that just didn’t fit.  My partner pointed out (quite unhelpfully in my view) that it made them not quite ‘PERFECT’, grrr!

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