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Triumph lingerie competition

August 20, 2010

Helena Christenson, world famous model has provided her services to Triumph to model all the finalists in the Triumph International Designers lingerie competition.  This is no simple enter to win type of competition but a collection of designs from 27 different countries around the world and they showcase the diversity and creativity of the Triumph designers involved!  So of course I had to go through and choose my favourites and those that I am a bit concerned about <laugh>.  I love the freedom of fashion!  The photos are all by world renowned photographer Rankin and all come from the website.

All the images of all 27 designs can be viewed at Vogue UK, by clicking here!

These are the three that I am not a big fan of, the flower panties?  This is a design by Phan Thi Cam Tu from Vietnam and while I love the colours, I am just not sure about it!  The next looks too much like Zena Warrior Princess has moved from metal to wood for me!  This one is by Amaya Carcamo from Spain.  Finally I am not sure what to say about this last one from Cristina Homen de Gouveia from Portugal.

Okay so what did I like?  Well surprisingly they are all black!  Anyway I totally loved each of these, the first is from Anette Boman of Norway, the second from Italy’s Lodovico Loffreda and finally Nikolay Bojilov.  I also quite liked the ones from Israel and England for something a bit more out there, but for these, you’ll have to look yourself.

Photo from

What do you think???  If you check them out let us know which are your favourites, I’d love to debate them with you!

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