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New stock online at Covelli!

August 25, 2010

That’s right we have just loaded new stock to the website including these ultra fun and fantastic Poodle Skirts.

If you are thinking of the 50’s one image is more common than any and that is of the poodle skirt.  These were iconic of the era and featured a little poodle do in the bottom left hand corner of the skirt.  Every poodle would have a lead which would wind its way up and around her waist.  These were the fashion of the times and most young women would have at least one or two in their collection.

The skirt itself was a wide swing skirt and was usually teamed with a shirt on top, often of a different colour. These skirts would generally fall to just below or on the knee.

Of course there were other emblems used too such as records or hearts, but it was the poodle that stuck!  And now you can get your own poodle skirt!  Best of all you can get all the accessories too, including the petticoat, belt, scarf, bobby socks and cats eye glasses.  The Petticoats will be loaded soon to the website, but if you want to hold one, email us and let us know!

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