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Weddings – now and then

August 26, 2010

Last week we looked at the beautiful Ava Gardner’s dress when she married her beau Frank Sinatra, and it was a stunning dress with a large waist band and a halter neck.  The halter neck was my key inspiration as it is not overly popular now, especially in this way with the thick bands of fabric going from the outer side of the breasts up and around the neck, but I did succeed.  Actually I found two dresses and I couldn’t decide.  The first one here on the left is the most similar.  It is very simple and has a large waist band (though it is only about half the size of the original).  This gown is designed by Alvina Valenta.

But out of this one and the next one below I think if she had to choose it would be this one.  It is make out of blush silk satan and has the same halter neck using a thick band of material, but this one is softened by the lace.  The waist band is not as thick either, but is elongated by the shape of the dress which is a stunning example of the mermaid style.

This dress is pretty and feminine and I think stunning, and although more detailed than that of Ava’s and a different shape I could easily see her in this in her youth!  This dress is by Jim Hjelm.

Both of these two dresses can be found on the Jim Couture website.

Now to this week, and what can we find?

Well this photo is another one from Fashion Era, which is a great site for learning about the past.  This picture however is not of a bride it is actually a picture of Sylvia, Lorraine’s younger sister, who was the Matron of Honour in a 1947 wedding.

Although she was not a bride in this dress we will still be looking for a wedding dress that resembles this beautiful outfit, though do not hold your breath for elbow length puffy sleeves!

The things we’ll be looking for more is length and cut with detail at the bottom of the dress.

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