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1940’s military caps

August 29, 2010

Image courtesy of Trevira

One of the most defining things about the 1940’s was the second world war.  It had an impact on everything, especially fashion, not only due to the scarcity of supplies but also just in terms of general influence.  One thing that became quite fashionable during the period was the military cap.

This is a great image here that shows four different ways that the cap was incorporated into day to day fashion.  The colours are pretty representative too, there was a lot of browns, dark greens, navy blues and a bit of purple.

Below three record covers show different styles of similar hats worn in the 1940s.

Of course there are many ways to replicate the look now, the first is to look in stores such as Covelli that specialise in recreating or sourcing recreations from this era, another way is to look for originals in antique or vintage stores.  With going antique just be aware that your piece is now up to 70 years old and will need to be treated carefully in order to keep it protected.

When you have found the right cap, don’t forget to complete the look, suits with a pencil skirt look great as do the jumper over a shirt with a pencil skirt or alternatively go with a trench coat as in the picture above from Trevira.

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