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Pettipants – An introduction

August 30, 2010

Image from Nullalux

Pettipants may not be strutting their frills down any of the hottest catwalks at the moment, but it doesn’t mean they are down, out and gone.  No these pants can be very cool and very very fun to wear.

Pettipants were very common as a fashion item for both modesty and comfort and came in a range of sizes from short little ones to long ones that would stretch all the way to the knee.  The name is believed to come from a joining of the two words Petticoat and Pants and would be worn under a girl’s petticoat.

Today however pettipants do not get much limelight but are still worn by dancers, and as such you can purchase them from dance stores.  You can also purchase them from vintage replica fashion boutique’s like Covelli.

As you can see from the image above, they can add a bit of fun and daring to any vintage outfit you wear, so if you are thinking of going all vintage, take into account your lingerie!  This is a must to consider if you plan to wear a full circle skirt such as our Vivian Holloway dresses or the Poodle Skirts.  Pettipants will allow you to spin in comfort.

But these are not the only places you can wear them.  The pettipants are very popular as wedding underwear because they can protect your extra sexy lingerie from being glimpsed during the removal of the garter (if you go traditional) and yet are still very fun and flirty.

Finally the main reason people keep coming back to us for pettipants is that they make the best ever summer pyjamas.  Team them with a cute little tank top or night time bra and they are sure to make an impression on your man as well as feel comfy and girly all night.

To see current available colours you will find pettipants under the accessories section of the store.


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