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Weddings: Now and then

September 2, 2010

I imagine the dress from last week to be ivory, though given the picture is in black and white it is not really possible to tell.  I also in choosing a new dress wanted to keep some of the key features of that dress, the high neck line, some detail on the dress, a defined waist line and sleeves.  This made the job difficult.

With this dress which is sold out of Bridal Dress Mall in America, I think I found something that captures a vintage feel, but is classic and beautiful for a woman of today.  The strapless shape of the satin is very modern, but the overlay of lace gives it an old world feel.  The length also is perfect stopping just above the shoe.

For me I find this dress a little too old world, and would bring it into today by potentially replacing the ribbon with a pale pink to match a pale pink bouquet or if you are looking for something bolder, I would add a bright Fuschia flower to one side of the model’s head and give her the same flowers in her bouquet and match the shoes.

Fuschias are really versatile because they come in pinks, purples and reds.

Now to next week.. and we are going to spice it up a bit and bring you a gallery of fashion ideas, so stay tuned!  Don’t worry Now and Then will be back, bur for the Spring we are going to hone in on images and create a 1940’s and 1950’s inspired wedding gallery!

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