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Will it ever stop raining?

September 6, 2010

Rain on the catwalk. Image from Fasshonaburu.

Okay you may have noticed that there was no post yesterday, why you may ask? Well because it rained in Melbourne!  This I suppose is not unusual, but there was wind and storms and lots of rain and half the state woke up to a lack of power!  Unfortunately this caused havoc to loads of people, but also to me!

I don’t exist without power, how do you blog? how do you bake? even phones (those modern ones) rely on power! It is not that I NEED it, it is just that I am not sure what to do without it!  But in the end, we were pretty busy with fathers day, HAPPY FATHERS DAY all you Dads out there! and with trying to find a store that sold hot water bottles to keep help my step kid’s mummy keep all her near hatched chickens warm.

So apologies for my absence, but I will I promise make up for it this week!  If you are thinking of planning a 50’s style wedding or know someone that is, I have all the information for you coming up in a set of three posts starting on Thursday!  But to get you there I thought I would try and bring a smile with these pictures!

Singing in the Rain. Image sourced from the Mad Men Unbuttoned blog.

The first above is from Fasshonaburu a blog about fashion, and is from a Runway show for a Spring / Summer collection for 2010 from Isaac Mizrahi.  How cool is it?  Rain on the catwalk!  The poor models not only have to deal with tight clothes, crazy high heels that don’t fit properly but rain as well.  I love it.  A total spectacle too for those who were there!

This one here I really want to ask you to guess, but even a little kid will pick it straight away!

I have to say that I LOVE 50’s fashion, but I cannot really say too much about these raincoats from ‘Singing in the Rain’, they are just way too practical! 🙂

I do however rather like his cherry red umbrella!

Did it rain where you were yesterday? Did it affect your father’s day celebrations?

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