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Vintage inspiration continues

September 7, 2010

It appears the fashion for vintage fusion continues, and probably always will.  I spotted this piece this morning and thought it a particularly interesting design.

The dress is one of the latest created by the very talented Stella McCartney who has now created so many wonderful pieces.  This is a strapless lace print dress with a detachable sleeveless organza overlay.  Yes that is right the top detaches to leave you with just the dress.

The flared base of the overlay and the use of organza, especially from the bodice up are very reminisent of the 50’s, however the pairing with a heavily printed fitted dress much more modern.  Combine that with an almost antique curtain design on material that you would expect to be as thick as a curtain, but is actually lace and you have a dress that mixes style and design from many eras.

If you like the dress and are hoping to make it your dress for spring carnival, be ready to save like crazy.  This dress will set you back a cool $2,417 and that is before you add shipping costs.

Of course, you can always rely on finding your own spring fashion vintage fusion at Covelli for a more reasonable price.  Tomorrow we’ll bring a hint of those new items that have just started arriving in store!

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