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40’s War Wedding – a glimpse at the past

September 9, 2010

Welcome to the first part of our Wedding gallery and we have scoured the web to come up with this series of photos.  The idea behind each of these weekly posts is to provide inspiration for a themed wedding or simply to get the right ideas behind the style of a particular time.  There is a lot of information on the web too, so wherever possible we will provide you with links to get further information about planning the perfect wedding.

1941 Wedding Photo of Charles James Himbury sourced from Himbury History

Our first post in this series covers the period from 1940 to 1944.  Weddings were greatly influenced by the war often being organised within a very short time period by the bride and family to fit in with her partner’s period at home.  As such most were held at a local church with the reception held at home, guests and family would chip in some of their food rashions so that a cake for the occasion may be baked.

1943 Wedding in America. Photo from the Wilding Family Blog.

Clothing was often very understated, for the bride this meant that she would have to borrow her dress from a friend or from family, that it would have to be made if they had material from prior to the war, or more often than not the bride would be married in a suit.  These suits were often very nicely tailored but would be in drabber colours.  Everything that was purchased would have to be reused, so choosing a suit like this, the bride was assured that she would get multiple wearings and therefore value from her coupon.

For the men, the outfit was usually their military uniform or an older suit. Occasionally though matching suits were purchased as seen in this picture here of Doris and William to the left.

Wedding of Doris and William in 1942. Image from Doris Lucy Ann Website.

Other women and brides-maids in the bridal party would reuse dresses from previous weddings or wear their best suit for the occasion.

More information about the period can be sourced at Fashion Era.

Tomorrow we will post how to plan a 40’s War Wedding so tune in then!

Esme & John's Wedding Day in 1944. This image comes from the Bomber Crew website. Click on the photo to read about Esme who tragically became a war widow less just 3 months after her wedding.

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