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1940’s war wedding – here comes the bride!

September 11, 2010

I left the best to last, dressing the bride!  If you are going themed, it is here that you can create the biggest statement of all.  With what you wear and how you wear it your theme will be evident.

The Dress

1940's wedding style from British Cosmo Bride

Stephanie James Couture 40's style wedding suit

From little frocks that look super cute like the one to the left for the younger bride to this super sexy wedding suit on the right by Stephanie James you are sure to find something perfect to suit your early forties wedding theme.

The Hair

See our 1940s hair ideas and go for anything from that section, you are bound to find something perfect, or check these photos out. From letting it just hang, to having it pulled away from your face, the idea is to have some curl in your hair.

Hair pieces and or hats were also often worn for weddings.  For the veil, favour one that is small hat or slide clip with a minimal amount of veil that covers only half of your face.  For hats either go small, or flat with a wide brim.

This photo from Ruffled blog shows how a theme can easily be mixed, the dress is simple, with bright flowers, which embellishes that 40s look.

Another photo from Ruffled Blog


Match your flowers to the colours used in the rest of your wedding planning.  Personally I love the look here with bright posies full of almost wild flowers.

Another simple idea is shown in the photo to the left which uses only a few flowers but they are simply almost casually arranged to create that ‘I’ve just been picked out of the garden’ look.


40's style pumps for a wedding from Bridella

Go for pumps like these if you are planning on wearing a suit or heavier style of dress.  If however you are going for a light and airy style simple dress then a pair of peep toe sandals will be a lot more fitting for your outfit.

Don’t be afraid of black or dark colours if you want to be traditional.  Most of the shoes worn would have looked similar to these white pumps but without the jewels and would have been black or dark colours.  The image in our top photo shows how to have fun pulling off the look.


Keep your accessories to a minimum, some vintage earrings and a low necklace if required.  The best earrings for the period would be small pearls.

Make Up

As with the accessories, less is more with this look.  Go for a very clean face with a light complexion, then add a touch of pink blush to the cheeks to highlight your cheek bones and use a deep shade of red lipstick.

Want more?

There is a massive amount of information on the internet, be prepared to spend lots of time searching for things and you will make some amazing finds.  We would love to expand our idea gallery too, so if you come across a great 40s style wedding, let us know!  We would love to link to it.

Remember all the photos used on all three of these posts will link to the website where they came from.  These sites, especially Ruffled is a great place to start your journey!

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