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50’s Weddings – Inspiration

September 16, 2010

This week we are ready to grace the 50’s where the dowdy ‘make do’ look that was evident in the 40’s especially during the war years was exchanged for larger skirts, bigger dresses, co-ordinated bridesmaids and more elaborate decoration.  Sleeves were removed from wedding dresses and V neck lines brought in and it was definitely the dress over the suit that reigned in this period.

1953 Wedding Photo from Fashion-Era.

But not all the brides were clad in white as is shown in this image of the 1953 wedding of Norman Porter and Helen Moulton Porter from Fashion Era.  Helen instead is wearing a grey satin evening dress.  Notice the length of it?  Showing off the ankle was very much a statement of 50’s fashion.

Audrey Hepburn in the film Funny Face.

Ballerina length wedding dresses (as these were known) were incredibly popular and many women aspired to look just like Audrey Hepburn did in the film Funny Face with her full skirt wedding dress.  The length of most of these dresses fell to between knee and ankle.

Photo of a wedding in 1951. Image from The Vintage Wedding

As you can see it was very much the predominant fashion for the most of the 1950’s in terms of what the bride was wearing.  But it was by no means the only type of dress to be worn.  There were two other main styles favoured by women in the fifties and they included the full length dress, including in some cases the full length lace sleeves and large lace veil as evident in this wedding photo from 1956.  The full size of the skirt however was still there.

1956 Wedding photo from The Brass PaperClip Project

Image of a wedding in 1959 from the Lyle and Janet 50 Website.

And finally the other style of dress, although no where near as popular as the others was the straight A line skirt.  In some cases these dresses would stop as short just below the knee, and in others they would reach almost to the floor.  These did not have the ‘volume’ of the other skirts common in the fifties and had either a natural fall or were tailored to shape the body.  The latter were however, very popular as a choice for bridesmaids.

Check back tomorrow to find out how to plan your own fun 50’s style wedding!  And in the meantime, check out Covelli’s range of 50’s dresses, which would be perfect for your bridesmaids!

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