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1950’s Wedding – How to plan your own?

September 17, 2010

There is a lot of fun to be had planning a 50’s style wedding!  So today I will take you through some of the thoughts and ideas for how to plan your own wedding. Make sure you check out our idea file from yesterday to see how the 50’s wedding looked!

Is a 1950′s wedding right for you?

If you like a wedding skirt that has heaps of volume and a good dash of fun, then the 50’s wedding might be good.  If your partner or yourself are into Rock n’ Roll and 50’s cars then it is probably going to be perfect.  The best thing about this era was that it was a decade of fun.

Here are some 50’s theme ideas:

  • Rock n’ Roll
  • Outdoor garden tea party
  • 50’s Movie theme
  • Gangster theme

Which of these you choose will obviously influence the rest of your decisions.

Choosing a location

Plan to have your wedding somewhere with plenty of room for dancing.  You will want to be able to sway and jive like the kids in Happy Days.  There are plenty of locations though that will be perfect.  A village hall or a large restaurant, or at the top of the scale a proper wedding venue.  All can be converted to suit your theme.

For an outdoor garden theme, you could hire a marquee and hold the wedding in a park, or anywhere large enough to erect it.  You will want to ensure you have cover in case of bad weather.  Decorate the inside of the room with flowers and beads.

50's wedding invite from the 50's Style Wedding.

Wedding invitations

With a location and date set, you can create your wedding invitations, be sure to include indications that your wedding is themed and whether you want your guests to be part of that theme.  There are so many options now for the 50’s and excellent vintage replicas are easy to find, simply look here!  You can even supply suggestions by sending them a list of shops in their area which stock the sort of dresses and styles that you are after.  Whether they use the list as purely inspiration or buy a dress they are likely to get a good idea of what to wear.

Things you can suggest is Rock n’ Roll style dresses.  These generally feature a tight bodice and large skirt.  Ensure you wear bloomers with them for when you boogie later on.  Another option for women is the tight pencil skirt, paired with gloves and a hat, or of course the Poodle skirt.

50's Poodle Skirt Tutu from the Tutu Fairy.

For brides really wanting to embrace the fifties look, you could even have your flower girls in mini Poodle skirts! Adorable!

For the men, lounge suits were all the go, alternatively they may want to step it up gangster style.

But back to the invites, you can go with a record like the image above, or alternatively look for 50’s themed paper and cardstock from a Scrapbooking store.

50's Bentley Wedding Car from RR Classic Cars Melbourne


You will need to arrive in 50’s style to this wedding so look at the Pontiac or the Bentley.  There are so many different 50’s cars to choose from.  The Bentley would be perfect for the Garden Tea Party theme or Gangster theme, but then a Cadillac may be more suited to a Movie or Rock n’ Roll theme.

The Reception

So you have your reception and you need to come up with some ideas for decorating the room to match your theme.  Again it will really depend on which theme you have chosen, so I have listed a few ideas for each.

Rock n’Roll

  • Hang records from the ceiling and on the walls
  • Have hula hoops around, but skip the roller skates unless you have super confident waitresses!
  • Definitely hire a jukebox for the occasion if you can, this can fill the gaps when the band finishes.
  • Choose a fitting colour scheme like red, black and white, or pink black and white.

Garden tea party

  • Decorate the room with strings of flowers and strings of beads.
  • Have fresh flowers on the tables and if your budget stretches use a lace or mock lace trim tablecloth
  • Serve cups of tea in the traditional style English tea cup
  • Choose a colour scheme to match such as many pastel colours.

Movie theme:

  • Decorate the walls with large stars
  • Hire a red carpet for the room, perhaps leading down to the bridal table.
  • If you have old film canisters or can rent them from a party shop, these would be great as table decorations
  • Decorate the table with a boa
  • Perhaps have a Bride and Groom Directors chair for the wedding couple.

Gangster theme

  • This theme will be predominantly black and white with a splash of colour here and there.
  • Have your grooms men all wear black hats with the white band
  • Create an arrested card with the removable white letters, if this is placed near the dance floor you will probably find many people having their photograph taken with it.
  • Fake stacks of money, guns or poker chips will also be fun.


Go with the juke box option or with a 50’s style rock n’ roll band.  This will work for all themes except the garden party theme where you may need to choose a small quartet or something.  Just ensure that you do have the ability to ‘jazz’ it up as the night progresses and everybody wants to go from eating to dancing!

Gangster Wedding Cake

The Cake

Given it is now the 50’s you are allowed a lot more layers to your cake.  Really the design could be almost anything!  For the Rock n’ Roll theme, perhaps have a fondant topper of a Rock Groom and Bride on top.  Flowers should grace the garden tea party wedding cake.

Really the choice is yours.  With this Gangster cake shown here the cake decorators really went all out with the theme.


Here are some links to some more inspiration for planning your 1940′s war wedding:

The 50’s Style Wedding Blog has heaps of information and photos of 50’s style weddings so is a great place to visit.

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  1. September 22, 2010 5:02 pm

    I think the wedding should start with Bride’s shoes. She’ll look sexy that way. Every woman should think shoes first and then cars and then wedding dress.
    I think so.

  2. June 23, 2011 9:41 pm

    This is a great blog. We would like to link to our website so our browsing customers can see!

    • June 25, 2011 1:12 am

      Wow so pleased you are loving the blog – very happy for you to link to your website. Love this era – it is filled with romance and desire.

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