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1950’s Wedding – Here comes the Bride

September 18, 2010

For a 50’s bride there is a lot to consider and a lot to plan!

50's Rockabily Wedding from Ruffled Blog.


The number of 50’s replica’s and inspired dresses that are available at the moment is huge.  It appears that the pretty feeling of having a full skirt (which is not a meringue) that stops playfully at just below the knee and shows off those fantastic fun shoes is appearing everywhere.  I love the photo here to the right.  You can see that she has gone for a mesh veil instead of a layered one, and has small lace sleeves.  The dress itself is very 50’s, with a tight corset, bow on one side and a ballerina length skirt.

Super fun dotty 50's style tea length wedding dress from Jennie-Dee Blog. Click on the image to find lots more 50's dress ideas.

50's halter neck wedding dress, exclusively made for vintage specialist Blue Velvet Vintage.

Strapless dresses are very popular in the modern 50’s style, but if you do not have the bust or figure that suits strapless then a great option is the halter neck dress.


1950's style veil worn on top of the model's head. From Hair Comes the Bride

Most of the brides of the 50’s would have a veil and they were quite variable, some, especially where it was a royal wedding had the full length train, but many would opt for a shorter multi-layered veil.

This style of veil was popular and could be worn as shown in the picture here, or pinned to the back of the hair which would allow the 17 inch length of the longest piece to reach fall part way down her back. Both were common styles of the time.

Of course many brides that opt to have a 50’s style wedding will decide to just go for a standard head piece like a large white flower or colourful group of small flowers to off set their dress.

Alternatively the mesh veil is very popular for 50’s style weddings, see our bride photos above.

50's style wedding shoes from the 50's Wedding Blog. Click on this photo for at least another 17 ideas!


The absolute best thing about a 50’s style wedding is that you get to see the shoes, which makes your choice so important!

The first thing is, do not be afraid of your shoe choice, you can have a lot of fun with them and going for bright colours will look fantastic.

The most classic style is the peep toe with a heel.  Most women owned at least one pair of these.  In terms of design, there is no real limit, look for bows or other feminine touches such as flowers, go for polka dots and bold animal prints.


Potentially you might like to tie in the colour of your shoes with a sash or ribbon around your waist depending on the type of dress you have selected.  Alternatively you can add a splash of the colour in your hair with a small flower attached to the veil and in the groom’s coat.

For your earrings go with a simple look, pearl studs or drops are perfect for this look, as is silver intricately designed pieces and of course you can never go wrong with diamonds!

If you have a 50’s wedding make sure you drop us a line and show us a photo.  Remember Covelli has a lot of vintage apparel perfect for the 50’s bridesmaid or mother of the bride, so stop by and have a look.


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