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The “New Look” has never gone out

September 23, 2010

Dior's New Look 1947

In December 1946 Christian Dior established “The House of Dior” in Paris and in February the following year launched his premier collection for the Spring-Summer of 1947.  This collection included two lines named “Corolla” and “Eight”, but when combined they have been known as the “New Look” ever since as a result of Carmel Snow (editor-in-chief, Harper’s Bazaar) who exclaimed “It’s such a New Look”.

The New Look is defined by its tight waist and large bust and the full skirt that fell to just below mid calf.  It is a look that is still influencing fashion today.  It is such a classical silhouette that has much appeal.

Alex Perry Spring-Summer 2010. Image from Vogue

Alex Perry’s latest collection is just one which highlights the longevity of this shape.  The jacket here is tailored in a similar style so you have the pinched waist and flared tales of the jacket.  Of course it is modified and crafted to include the fashions of this particular season in that it has raised shoulders, it doesn’t dramatically enlarge the bust, and it contains a touch of girly sparkle around the waist.

The full skirt is also back at the moment, however it doesn’t have the length of the classic Dior New Look, stopping always above the knee (unless of course it is a wedding gown).


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