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Taming the animal in you

October 1, 2010

How not to wear animal print! From The Fashion Police.

Recently we have been seeing heaps of animal print strut its stuff down the catwalks around the world, so it seems clear that this trend is going no where in a hurry.

Using animal print in the 50’s was also very fashionable, appearing most commonly on jackets and dresses.  But lets face it, the animal print can be difficult to wear.  Dressing head to toe in the spotted and rosetted oranges, golds and browns can be a little too much, and many have been criticised for wearing it poorly.

But in addition to wearing too much animal print, it is possible to just wear it badly, as is demonstrated above in these images from The Fashion Police.

Five Rules for Wearing Animal Print:

1. Don’t over-do your look, keep your animal (grrr) in control!  If you have an animal print jacket, avoid animal print pants, tops and accessories, and in the same way even if you are going for an animal print dress, don’t team it with animal print shoes!

2. Pair it with solid colours.  Because animal print is so busy and distracting it works best paired with solid colours.  Avoid mixing it with other patterns, especially tartan and stripes otherwise you might start looking like a zoo!

A little animal can go a long way, however we do not advocate this hair style for your tiger look! 🙂 Vogue UK

3. Go for natural colours. Blacks, browns, tan and ivory are all going to work well with animal print.  They allow the animal-print to step forward as the starring attraction without allowing it to look comical.  If you do want to rock it out and push the boundaries a little more, try red, orange or yellow.

4. Think gold – When you accessorise think about using gold as the primary colour.  Combine your outfit with a gold bag, gold earrings, a gold belt etc to help accentuate the golden colours on your animal print.  A bit of bling will go a long way with this look.

5. A little leopard can go a long way – In this image from a recent catwalk show, you can see that an animal print bag and shoes are enough to create an outfit.  Your leopard doesn’t have to be one of your central pieces of clothing.  Women are adding a little animal in the form of bracelets and shoes and looking fantastic.

For more information about animal print as a current fashion trend, see Vogue’s trend guide and for more ideas of how to wear your animal well, see the Fashion Police blog.

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