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The Gangster Bridesmaid… what to wear

October 2, 2010

Choosing your bridesmaid’s dresses for a Gangster themed wedding need not be difficult as there are several options.  Gangsters existed in America in that Hollywood classic style over a number of different decades, which gives you a large group of vintage looks to choose from.  The 20’s to the 50’s were all years where you can start to gather your gangster research.

Traditionally gangster women are dressed in black or black and white, especially if you are looking to the Hollywood versions as your guide, however for a wedding you will probably not want your bridesmaid to be fully in black.  So what are your options.

The first I love is the tight red 40’s style dress.  Remember that the gangster look is highlighted by looking sexy, and that most of the styles featured collar style attire, like shirts and jackets, even on the women.  For this reason this red dress (Charm) by Bettie Page is perfect.  It features a high neck line which is folded over to create triangles.  In addition, the bride could match this look perfectly with red flowers in her hair, hot red pumps and a bright red lipstick.

Our second option is this stunning gold and black number.  Again like the red dress it is a 40’s style fitted sleek and sexy outfit.  The collar this time is black which contrasts with the gold.  And given it is gangster, what better colour could you select than the colour of gold?  Choosing a dress such as the Roslyn Vogue will be sure to scream Gangster to all your guests.  Gold is even easier to incorporate into your bride’s look, go with gold earrings, sexy gold slippers and a gold ribbon around your bouquet.

For more ideas check out Covelli’s Fashion Boutique.

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