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Lose weight and have fun!

October 7, 2010

Ali Bastian and Brian Fortuna from UK's Strictly Come Dancing. Ali is wearing a gorgeous Vivien Holloway dress in this shot, perfect for dancing in!

Are you a watcher of one of the many different dance shows that currently air on our televisions?  Perhaps you like to watch a bit of Dancing with the Stars? or maybe So You Think You Can Dance is more your style?  The truth is if you like to watch one of these shows it may be that you would also like to be able to dance yourself?

But did you know that dancing can be one of the greatest ways to lose weight and tone your body?  Dancing is one of many activities that deliver an all body strength and toning workout in addition to providing you a great cardio workout and best of all, you can have a heap of fun doing it!

I don’t know how

One of the key reasons that holds people back from learning how to dance as an adult is that they do not know how to, and they are worried that they may look silly or will not be able to follow the directions.  The truth is that there are many dance classes that are specificially designed with the learner dancer in mind.  These classes will take you slowly through basic dances and give you plenty of practice time to get the moves right.  If you are considering giving a class a go, ring up first and find out if they have a class that they can recommend for a beginner.

Classes are about having fun and learning and there will be no judges holding up cards after your performance!

Hannah Shoes from Covelli. These would be a good beginner shoe for ballroom dancing

I don’t have the right clothes

Dancing is like any sport and has a lot of associated equipment.  Primarily this will be your shoes and attire, but as a beginner just wear what you are comfortable in and then if you decide that you like dancing and would like to continue, ask your teacher to recommend a good pair of shoes.  If you are doing ballroom dancing, then there are generally many different types of shoes depending on the type of dance you are performing, but given you are still learning, start with a shoe that is comfortable and suits as many of the dances as possible.  This will usually be a black or flesh coloured close toed pump with an ankle strap.

From here you can work up as slowly or as quickly as you like.

My partner is not interested

So what?  You don’t need to dance as a couple, there are so many dance options now, so you do not have to restrict yourself to ballroom.  Of course you can do ballroom even without a partner!  But if you want to move and do your own thing, try an alternative dance class like hip hop, or if that is a bit new for you, why not try Zumba.  Zumba is the latest craze sweeping Australian shores and mixes dance moves into an exercise routine designed to sculpt and tone your body.

But will I really lose weight?

Yes, you will.  Dancing requires moderate to very active movements and so will provide a good cardio workout.  As long as your lesson is at least 30-45 minutes this will be more than enough to provide you all the movement you need to meet your day’s cardio needs.  This will help burn any excess fat you have.  In addition you will be working your core muscles, including your back, abdominal and obliques which will quickly tone these areas and help develop more muscle.  With more muscle you will start to burn excess fat even quicker.


If you combine dancing with a good diet and other general exercises such as walking and swimming on your non dancing days you will find that you should quickly start losing weight along with developing a fantastic tummy!  Plus you will learn how to move and shake and no doubt have a lot of fun throughout the process!

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