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Making a potato sack look good

October 9, 2010



Tim Gunn and the models dressed in their potato sacks.


The saying, “she would look good in anything, even a potato sack” was taken to a whole new level on the latest American season of Project Runway.  I love this show and have watched every single season.  For some reason I never get tired of seeing what talented people can create when they are subjected to enormous time pressures and limited budgets.

Of all the reality shows out there, this is the only one that I have really got into, but then I guess I am very passionate about design and creation, so it is probably no surprise.

So I was watching when Tim Gunn, fashion guru and mentor to the contestants introduced the models to their designers clad only in knickers and a hessian potato sack.  But I realise that not everyone has Foxtel, or is interested in watching this show, like all reality TV there is a fair bit of dead air, but I thought you would enjoy seeing some of the best designs!  Each contestant was allowed to choose a number of embellishing items such as buttons, zippers and ribbons, but the challenge was to utilise the potato sack!

All images are from the Sydney Morning Herald website and you can see them directly here.  A sample of my favourite are below:

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