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Shine with vintage bling this spring!

October 11, 2010


This vintage neckless is perfect for spring!


Vintage jewellery is definitely becoming the hottest accessory item this spring, well that is apart from the spring hats, flowers and fascinators!  So if you are choosing to go out, to the races, or to a spring wedding, why not think vintage for not only your dress but for your accessories too.

The best thing about vintage jewellery is, although it will look fantastic with that vintage dress or skirt and shirt, it also works really well modern fashion.


Vintage hair clip and earrings from Wish


So what should you look for when selecting vintage jewellery?  Go for something that works with your attire.  A low cut dress calls for a necklace and if you are embracing the bubblegum colour scheme you could select a large pendant, but ditch the chain and instead use ribbons that tie in your colour scheme.  Either use one large ribbon or two or three thin ones.

You can make this look work for a higher cut dress as well, by selecting a small pendant, or even a locket, with a choker style ribbon.  To get a true vintage look, choose sheer ribbons that have a rustic feel to them.


Vintage pink crystal pendant on thin pink ribbon by Sarah Murphy


Another option for a higher neckline is the string of pearls which is the perfect way to make your outfit look more classy.  String pearls work perfectly to add sophistication, but are still favoured by the older woman.  Younger women can adopt pearls in pewter coloured metal or silver jewellery as part of a bangle or earrings.

Of course, there are no real rules to vintage jewellery, the best thing is to choose your dress early and have time to really go in search of your vintage accessories!  Don’t forget to check out Covelli’s range of vintage accessories too!

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