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Where to find Vintage Jewellery

October 12, 2010


A 1908 Horseshoe Brooch from England sold on Ebay yesterday.


Following on from our post yesterday, I got asked by one reader where are the best places to start your search for the best vintage jewellery.

The answer is that it really depends!  There is a lot of vintage reproductions around which are a fantastic way to get the look without the price tag!  The other way option is of course source originals!  Well I thought today I would compile some of my favourite ideas for finding the perfect vintage accessories are listed below!

1. Visit Grandma!

If you want the real deal for vintage and you don’t want to pay anything at all, visit your grandparents!  Even if your Grandma may not have the right thing, she may have a friend who does!  But if you do borrow a vintage piece make sure you look after it.  One way to do this is to ensure that the clasp is working perfectly, if not, it is worth getting it repaired to ensure that there are no mishaps.


A pre 1956 beaded necklace available on Ebay.


2. Second Hand

The next best option is to visit a second hand store, in Australia, St Vincents, Salvation Army etc have lots of different items including some jewellery.  Do not however expect a big range.  Most people if they know the value of their items will take them to a pawn shop.

3. Pawn shops

These are great places to find vintage pieces for good prices.  How good the price though really varies from place to place and unless you really know what you are looking at, do not pay too much.  Some places are very reputable, but unfortunately some are not.


Vintage earrings available on Etsy.


4. Ebay / Etsy

The internet is becoming a great place to find vintage options.  On ebay you can find second hand items direct from the previous owner as people look to skip the middle man and sell their own second hand items, and in addition will find items from retailers.  Etsy is a shopping mall of small retailers who hand make their wares, but the quality of the items in lots of cases is fantastic.  In the Vintage Jewellery section you will find 1,555 results!

5. Make it yourself

Another option is to visit a craft store or bead store to make your own vintage jewellery.  You may need to buy a pendant or antique beads first, but then you can recreate a certain piece using some tools.  Making jewellery can be quite fiddly and time consuming, not to mention you will need to purchase the tools required, so it might not be the option for everyone.

6. Specialty stores

There are a number of different specialty stores where you can buy either original vintage pieces or reproductions.  You can find these by searching on the internet and check out Covelli too!

7. Jewellery stores

If you have a large enough budget, you should be able to get vintage inspired pieces from a jewellery store.  There are also lots of antique jewellers who sell vintage pieces, but the price is more in line with traditional jewellery costs.

Good luck and have fun!

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