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Long live the ballet pumps

October 14, 2010


Audrey Hepburn in Sabrina released in 1954


In the 1950’s the ballet pump became the favoured shoe of most teenage girls.  These shoes resembled the ballet shoe, but contained a thin durable sole and came in fantastic colours as was the trend in the 50s to liven up the wardrobe with colour.

These flat shoes were worn constantly by young women day to day, as they looked not only pretty, but were also easy and comfortable.  The 1950’s stiletto were still favoured by the more mature women, but the trend for the ballet pumps was firmed when actress Audrey Hepburn fell for the style.  Audrey wore these ‘flats’ both on and off screen, this photo here showing her riding a push bike in them in the 1954 movie Sabrina.

The ballet pump was perfect, combining well with both dresses and the fashionable Capri’s of the time (three quarter length fitted trousers).


Prada Ballet Pumps 2010


Ballet pumps have slid in and out of fashion over the following sixty odd years, but they still remain a popular choice for young girls and women alike.  Even Prada earlier this year paid homage to the ballet pump of the fifties and released their 50s floral style print versions in April 2010.  I would love a pair but at 235 pounds, approximately $450-$500 they may be a steal for ‘Prada’ but not for me.  They are so darn cute though!

Even the celebrities seem to have a few of these favoured shoes stored for travel, including Victoria Beckham!

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    I completely love this website! definitely gonna have to add this to my bookmarks.

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