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How to Make Your Own Hat or Fascinator

October 15, 2010


Red Pillbox Hat from Spotlight


I have done a fair few articles on the Spring Carnival and preparation for it, but I thought today about a common problem I end up having every single year, and that is that although I have found the perfect dress and perfect shoes, I cannot find the right hat or fascinator to complete the look!

Please nod in agreement with me, I hope so much that I am not the only one who finds myself in this predicament.  I then go running around the shops with my dress in hand trying in vain to find the right colours and look to make my entire look zing only to find that the range gets smaller and smaller as everywhere sells out.

So today when I saw a ‘Spotlight’ email advertising something or other, something about it caught my eye and I followed it to their website.  There I found not only the promised ‘How to Make a Fascinator‘ link, but ‘How to Make a Coral Hat’ and ‘How To Make a Pillbox Hat‘.

Needless to say, I thought that this was too good to be true and thought I must share it with you out there who suffer each year like I do!  The instructions are easy to follow, and I guess if you print them out and take them to a craft and material store you will have no problem picking up the materials!  Especially if the store is Spotlight!


Black and white fascinator from Spotlight


Of course you will need to start off with a basic hat or headband first, but then the sky is the limit.  Oh and you are not limited to the three options I have linked above, this black fascinator pictured here and many other awesome ideas are also provided in their Inspiration Room here.

For those of you who are not crafty, you can always try and rope in a friend who is, or hit the pavement now in order to find the perfect look before they are all snapped up.

Don’t forget Covelli have a range of Hats and Fascinators, a small sample of which are online.  If you are purchasing a dress from Covelli for the Spring Carnival, make sure you drop Merril a note to ask if she can suggest a hat or fascinator to go with it!  She is ultra friendly and has a great eye for style!

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