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More Vintage Fashion on its Way!

October 17, 2010


Image from Louis Vuitton Autumn/Winter 2010-11 fashion show. Actually I'd wear this in the summer! Photo from Vogue UK


We have been continually reporting a serge in vintage fashion and it appears that next Autumn we are going to see even more 1950’s inspired fashion gracing our stores.  For one it appears the ‘New Look’ mid-length skirt designed by Christian Dior over 60 years ago is set for a major return come March, April next year!

In Europe the Fall Fashion shows are now over as they look to embrace Spring 2011 (being always six months ahead of the game), so the synopsis of the Autumn attire is beginning in earnest.

We have noted it in previous articles, but more and more commentators and writers are pointing to the 1950s similarities that are starting to appear in not just one clear trend, but many!  Circle skirts, fur collared sweaters, box style handbags, beautiful pumps and dare I say it motif adorned skirts akin to the poodle skirt of the 50s have all been seen in these shows, not to mention some fantastic floral prints such as this one by Louis Vuitton.

If I wasn’t so hanging out for the warm weather I would say bring on Autumn! 🙂

To read Dots Period’s wrap up of the Autumn/ Fall Trends click here.

To get your own classic 50’s style look, check out the 50’s range online at Covelli.

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