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Chromefest Weekend

October 27, 2010

Well I haven’t heard any reports yet from people that went to the Fashion swap, if you went to one of those events held around Australia, please let me know!!  I would love to know what you personally thought of it!

Chromefest we do know about though!  It started off ‘fine’, that is the weather was great, nice and sunny as this photo from 59Blondie shows!

This is a photo of Chromefest 2010 in the beautiful and sunny morning, that is before the skies opened. Thanks so much to 59Blondie for letting us use this photo, we love how your shoes match the car!

Just gorgeous..

But then.. of course it rained, it chucked it down and the Sunday was pretty much a complete washout.  Poor Merril and the Covelli girls on the stand are still drying out!

If you have any photos after the rain, we’d love to see them.  I asked our photographer above if she had been caught out, but she quite sensibly had gone home before it started.

Linda Wales also has a few photos of the event on her Flickr site here.  But none of the rain!

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