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Frankie Manning 1914-2009

November 11, 2010

If you dance then you probably have heard of Frankie Manning.

Frankie Manning in the mid 30’s was the leading dancer at the Savoy Ballroom in Harlem where he revolutionised dance as it was then known.  The most well known was the Lindy Hop which wouldn’t be the same as it is today without his influence.

Manning was amazing to see and after a thirty year hiatus after the demise of swing dance, he emerged as a legend and was constantly in demand right up until his death in 2009.

Many swing dancers still emulate the moves Manning made and study the information available in the publications put out in relation to the great dancer.  But one of the most common queries that dancers have, relate to his tools of the trade.  What sort of shoes are best for swing dancing?

Manning loved his brogues, especially the black and white ones, so if you are looking to take a leaf out of Manning’s book, why not try these V-Lewis Shoes.  Covelli have a huge range of Swing Shoes available online.

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