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Lets debate… Suit Shorts

November 17, 2010

Summer Fashion from the Sydney Morning Herald

What do you think of this look?

It is summer and as we do each year, we peel back the layers and the woolies to discover that we actually have skin underneath it all.  I celebrate this, each year I love the first rays of sun and relish the opportunity to rediscover my summer wardrobe.

Hey look I have arms and legs!

So same goes for the man, ditch those trousers and pull on a good old pair of shorts, but is wearing them to work too much?

Of course we are not talking about your King G’s, but tailored suit shorts that are well designed and constructed.

I know you want to know what I think and on this one I am sitting cross legged on the fence.  I cannot look at this guy and say he doesn’t look hot.  As I walked around in the city last week I saw a young chap about 25 years old sporting an even better version of this look with dark blue tailored shorts, a brown belt and a white shirt with pale blue pin stripes.  He looked amazing.

But then prior to seeing him I had wrinkled my nose at it.  But why?

Well for one, when I look down at the feet, I want to see loafers, not business shoes, and business shoes that appear to have no socks underneath make me wrinkle my nose even more!

In addition, this look is so inaccessible for most men.  Imagine your forty year old executive turning up in shorts?  I just can’t.  Same with imagining your older stock broker, fund manager, banker or lawyer.

So my conclusion is that we’ll definitely see some of this look this spring and summer in the city, but I can’t see it being widely adopted and I won’t be buying my dad tailored suit shorts for Christmas!  What do you think?

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