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The little dancer

November 21, 2010

Recently I hit the issue of what to do with my daughter as a second after school activity.  After three terms of gymnastics she was ready for a change.

I love that she is looking to try new and different things and being young without the co-ordination of older kids this four to seven years old age frame is fantastic for trying individual sports.

Megan did ballet when she was four but she decided it was a bit too delicate for her, but after watching So You Think You Can Dance she has decided to give it a go.

Ballroom dancing is a lot of fun for kids, the classes are not all complicated moves and forced smiles.  Megan is learning solid life lessons that are going to serve her well at every wedding she attends throughout her life!

About six lessons in and she knows the Nut Bush, Zorba Dance, Heel and Toe, Time Warp and Don’t Blame it on the Sunshine.  Not to mention many others such as Boot Scootin Baby!  They also learn other great techniques such as how to cha cha cha and she has been learning the Paso Doble too!  Best of all she has a fantastic time.

So if you are looking for a new fun sport to entertain your little girl or boy (they have just as much fun too at this age!) then why not try dancing?  Many venues also offer fun alternatives such as Hip Hop dancing.

If you are going to get into dancing with your child one of the best things is the ability to wear little pretty dancing shoes.  Megan has these ones shown here and they are great for her little feet.  They are both comfortable and allow her to spin easily on the polished floors.  Plus there is something special about changing into your ‘dancing shoes’.

Covelli stocks girls and boys dancing shoes, and given it is the only accessory that you need to purchase to really get into dancing it is not a big financial investment.

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