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A vintage phone?

November 26, 2010

You can’t create a vintage look without the right accessories and for once I don’t mean gloves, handbags and shoes, no this time I mean for all your personal mod-cons!

Just because you love the look of vintage doesn’t mean you are going to go in for a full corset  or knee length underwear, because underneath you are a modern girl.  So if you do like to show off your vintage ‘outer’ look then maybe you should also consider how your phone feels about missing out?  That is right, if you can choose to show off your vintage, then why can’t your phone!

That is right, you can now get a vintage cover for your iPhone and your iPad.  Most are leather inspired, but you can also get wood?

Hmm.. whatever will they come up with next?

Apologies that I haven’t provided links for all of these, as most are supplied and provided out of the USA.  If you are interested in a vintage iPhone cover, then just do a Google Image search for ‘vintage iPhone’ and I am sure you will come up with a stack of interesting matches!

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