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Accessorise your animal print

December 10, 2010

Marble Bengal Cat

As a disclaimer, I am certainly not advocating that you take this post seriously… otherwise I will have to adopt the name Cruella (of 101 Dalmation fame).  But I did want to bring this stunning cat breed to your attention.

Yesterday I shared with you the current trends that are being heralded by Vogue Australia, and given the leopard print is still in, I thought it would be cute to share with you the perfect leopard cat.  In Australia you cannot have your own Asian Leopard Cat, apart from the fact that they would probably tear your home to shreds and pose a serious danger to children, it is against the law.  You can however have your own little Bengal.

Spotted Bengal Cat

The Bengal Cat is a breed that was established in America in the 1980s by breeding an Asian Leopard Cat and its offspring with an Indian Mau or Egyptian Mau.  These cats retain the striking markings of the Asian Leopard but are the size of a domestic cat.  They also have a personality more akin to a domestic cat, however they do retain a bit of their wild, such as many of them love water, they are amazingly agile, they are scavengers and they play with toys, picking them up and carrying them around.  They are also more stubborn and feisty than many normal cats.

Though as I have one myself I can tell you they are a lot of fun.  The photos here are from the Bengal Days website and show brown bengals, but they also come in silver, blue, mink and black.

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