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Summer wedge sandals, why you need them!

December 12, 2010

It is finally summer, so you need desperately to kick off those heavy shoes and adopt summer shoes.  Summer shoes can include sandals, thongs and boat shoes.  All are designed to keep your feet cooler during the long and hot summer.

There are many different types of summer shoes, but today I thought I would focus on the summer wedge sandal, and share with you some great new additions from Covelli.  The wedge sandal is fantastic for summer, especially if you are not as tall as your friends, they will give you a height boost that has  greater stability than a small heeled shoe.

Five reasons why Covelli loves the wedge sandle:

1. Get additional inches of height without sacrificing stability! It is summer after all you need to be able to move in your sandals.

2. Wedges are the perfect beach sandals! Because they don’t have one pointed heel you won’t get that sinking feeling!

3. The wedge heel looks more casual than a stilletto, making it more suitable for shopping with friends or wandering the cafes of coastal towns.

4. Wedges and skirts are amazing, especially skirts or dresses that stop either just above the knee or mid calf length, which makes the wedge perfect for matching to your vintage attire.

5. Wedge sandals are great for a thicker body type too. Wedges provide more support to the ankle than most other types of heels, but they have the same visual effect of slimming the body lines and lengthening the legs as other heels do!



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