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2010 AFI Awards – What did you think of the red carpet?

December 16, 2010

I have taken a few days to prepare this post because I wanted to cruise all the images I could find of the fashion from the red carpet, and well, what can I say.  I think disappointing is probably the word to sum it up.  There were some beautiful garments, but it wasn’t stunning.

In fact it was so ‘yawn’ that I did consider not bothering to do my wrap up at all.  So forgive me that there are not many on the ‘best’ list.  Of course we also have a few for the ‘what were they thinking’ list!

Remember these are my opinions, I welcome you to agree or disagree, maybe I missed someone or something fantastic!  Let me know!

First up I have Alex Dimitriades and his girlfriend.  From this angle this dress looks stunning.

My other favourite is this dress on Claudia Karvan.  I wish I could see the detail better and exactly how that waist line fits.  But it is the classic black dress with a twist and with a few simple but large bangles on her left hand she offsets the one shoulder look perfectly.

Now to the dresses that I thought were not right…

To Neighbours actress Jane Hall, I say yes to the beach, no to AFI awards on this dress.  Beautiful as it is, to me it is not a red carpet dress!

Ummm, I don’t even know where to start on this one.  It is hard to tell that it is even a dress.  The photo is of Bridie O’Leary and Ben Mendelsohn.  I am all for making a statement but…

Anyway, I just want to say come on Australia, we have awesome fashion designers here and a really funky sense of style.  All those dresses at the Spring Carnival were beautiful, why can’t we see more of that on our red carpet?

Photos have been sourced from the Daily Telegraph.

What do you think?

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