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Dance off those Christmas kilos!

December 17, 2010

Every week there is a Christmas party, event or function and as we get closer to the big day where we will again gorge ourselves of hearty food and beautiful wine, you may find that you are having to move the notch on your belt out just a touch to cater for your expanding girth.  But the thing to remember about weight gain (and loss) is that weight quickly gained can be quickly lost if you address it as soon as you can.  Of course it works the other way too, weight quickly lost can be quickly regained, so the key to any diet is to have a good period of stabling out after you have achieved your goal weight.

The first key to weight loss is acknowledging that you want to lose the weight, from there you have to find the determination.  Create an incentive, a great way of doing this is to buy a dress a size smaller than you are and hang it somewhere in your room where you can see it daily (don’t hide it in your closet).  Every day you will see it and be reminded of your goal, and this will help you power through your day.

With every weight loss program, there are two important components, the first is diet, the second is exercise.  Unfortunately there is no getting around these, but the issue with the exercise is that most people see it as something boring, hours in a gym on a treadmill or walking around the same old streets every afternoon.  STOP!  Exercise can be fun, I promise you!  You just need to find out what makes you tick and if you can find a ‘fun’ exercise half your motivation issues will disappear.

So what is my secret fun exercise?  Well dancing!  Whatever style of dance you are into, you are likely to be able to find a beginners class nearby.  Dancing is a brilliant cardio workout as it will get your whole body moving, in addition it is fantastic for our problem areas, such as waist and thighs due to the movement involved.  Dancing twice a week will make you feel great, help you to your dream weight and even better, by next year you’ll be able to show off your snazzy dancing at all the Christmas parties!

So here are some dance styles that are fun to learn:

  • Ballroom Dancing (grab your tubby hubby and get trim together)
  • Rock n Roll Dancing
  • Hip Hop Dancing
  • Line Dancing
  • Pole Dancing (don’t think dirty, just think fun, and you don’t need a partner!  Note if you do go for pole dancing, your work Christmas parties may not be the venue to show off your new moves!)
  • Belly Dancing
  • Bollywood Style Dancing
  • Zumba (if the gym is more your scene, this is a great way to learn the moves and get fit)

There really is something for everyone, so get out there.


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  1. backtodavid permalink
    December 17, 2010 9:06 am

    Cool ideas

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