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So you want to dance?

December 19, 2010

On Friday we told you about how good dancing was for your weight and health!  So if you want to give it a go, there is only one thing you need to purchase to make the experience the very best it can be, and that is a pair of dancing shoes.

Now which shoes you buy will depend on what style of dancing you decide to do.  For example if Zumba is your thing a light pair of sneakers will probably be perfect, but if you are going to do some of the other styles of dancing having the right shoe will make all the difference.

Rock n Roll or Swing

If you are going to get into rock n roll or swing dancing you have a little bit of choice!  The most common style is a mary jane design with or without a peep toe and with or without a heel.  These 1940’s replicas are fantastic.


The choice for latin shoes is even greater, and you can choose to make a colourful statement with plum and pink or you can have a subtle look in flesh or nude tones that will work with whatever you wear, such as these Luana shoes.  All of the latin style shoes will feature a small heel and are sandals, however sometimes the toe can be fully enclosed depending on the style.


Finally we get to ballroom and these are very similar to the latin shoes, so while learning it wouldn’t matter which style you chose.  Many of these are closed in at the front and provide more support around the sides, like these gold Kirsten shoes.

Whatever style you are looking for, make sure you talk to the people you are dancing with and ask what they recommend, another source of great advice is a specialist dance shoe retailer.  Covelli stocks a wide range of dance shoes for women and of course for men and is only too happy to assist with advice about which shoes are right for your dancing needs.


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