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Vintage frock for the President’s Wife

December 21, 2010

If the president’s wife can wear vintage, why cant you?

This is said to be a first ever for a U.S. First Lady, to wear a second hand dress to a major event.  Michelle Obama surprised fashion insiders and wowed onlookers in her vintage 50s black tea length dress with a black lace overlay says the Daily Mail.

We have known for a long time, vintage is good, second hand is okay, and in a time of recession and global waste it is fantastic to see a prominent figure shrug off expectation and take a more common path.

But then, this is not a cheap dress picked up from Salvos, in fact it is a one of a kind vintage fashion piece designed by the late Norman Norelli and sold at an exclusive vintage boutique in New York.  The price tag hinting at being $2500+!

Whatever the details, it is stunning and with the vintage boutique indicating that the first lady has purchased more vintage dresses, she is certainly going to be worth watching in 2011.

And how cute are the little elves? 🙂 I love Christmas!

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