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Merry Christmas from us all at Covelli!

December 24, 2010


Just a quick post today as I whip out my vintage apron, dig out the whisk and start to get all funky in the kitchen!  Unfortunately I spoil the whole look with my purple ankle high ugh boots!  As much as I love baking barefoot, there are hazards involved.  Dropping things is common, but also because we are on floorboards my feet just kill by the end of the day!

Before I disappear though, I wanted to wish you all a happy and safe Christmas for tomorrow!  From All of us at Covelli, meaning all the girls in the store, shown here at their Christmas Party, which seems to have been quite a hoot judging by the photos!  There are not too many events that you get to dance, see santa and ride a bull!

And because I was only with them in spirit, here is a photo of me drinking a glass of champers for you in my Utopia Couture dress.  Have a fantastic one tomorrow!

Covelli Girls - Carrie, Merril, Tanya and Lee


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