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Boxing Day Madness

December 26, 2010

People braver than me waiting just after dawn for the stores to open at 5am

I cannot believe that the stores were opening at 7am this morning and that the city stores were opening at 5am. Would I be there?

No, at that time I was still sleeping off my Christmas lunch from the day prior.  In fact by the time I dragged myself out of bed in need of a cup of tea, most of the bargains would have gone. I am in the perfect ‘trying on gear’ though ugh boots, tracksuit pants and a jumper (crazy it is supposed to be summer), not that I would go out in this gear.  Instead today I am playing scrabble, eating leftovers and watching Australia get off to a dismal start in the cricket.

So what are you doing this day? Getting to a sporting event, battling the crowds for a bargain, chilling at home, visiting other family and friends or still testing out your xmas presents?

If you are venturing out or online, the place to look are Ebay (someones unwanted gift may just be your bargain),  The Age have also produced a good list of the designers and sales they have offered here and of course Covelli always have great offers online and in store.

Whatever you are doing, enjoy!

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