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A Trend to Watch for Winter

December 27, 2010

While you are sitting around in front of the television, watching the cricket, or catching up on the years best flicks, it may be worth getting thrifty with your fingers!  Yes that is right get the needles working and start knitting, because this year, jumpers will be in fashion.  But it is not just any old jumper, no fashion this year is pointing firmly to the ‘Fair Isle’ jumper.

Fashion conscious celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Rhianna are being credited with helping boost the surge of sales that is occurring now in England high street stores after both being seen in versions of the Fair Isle jumper recently.

But according to a great article in the Daily Mail, what you will find in the stores this year will fall short of the ‘real deal’, though to get that real deal, you have to be lucky, apparently the only true ‘Fair Isle Jumpers’ are those that are hand knitted on Fair Isle and they are closed due to demand.  I’m happy to make do with a replica this year as I personally (call me old fashioned) love this style.  I would even tempt to make one myself, though I still find multiple colours in knitting challenging! 🙂

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