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Boxing Day Sales

December 28, 2010

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Well I have a little secret to tell, ages ago I thought I would take a chance and try my hand at fiction writing by doing a course.  It was a great idea, and I have done really really well, but I have been putting off the last assignment for the past 6-12 months, so now with just a week to go before I will get a no result for not doing the last assignment I have sat down and done it!

Why so long?  It required I write a poem, and it is the one thing I am pretty darn crap at.  To me, poems need to rhyme, but I figure my markers would mark me down for something too obvious, so after scrunching up several pieces of paper, I have gone for a Limerick.  I figure it shows that I have some skill with poetry while still allowing me to rhyme.

So I’ve decided also to share my poem with you.  Don’t be too harsh, I’m a sensitive soul!  Here you go!

Boxing Day Sales

The alarm cuts through my slumber
I remove the withered cucumber
My eyes are still puffy
My hair is all fluffy
Today is the 26th of December
From bed I do slowly stumble
Greet my en-suite mirror with a grumble
To the shower I go
Scrub head to toe
Then with my make-up I fumble
Choose some sensible shoes, slacks and shirt
Nothing showy, flash or overt
Today is for shopping
To the city get hopping
On the train I’ll eat my yoghurt
Before dawn I arrive at the store
The bouncer looks ready for war
Behind the ribbon I stand
Watch the tick of the hand
Right on five they open the door
Through the doors I leap from the street
All those shoppers I have to beat
With my elbows out
Don’t care who I clout
The trick is to keep your feet
From behind the counter to my side
I see this little old lady hide
And as I rush past
She leaps out so fast
So into her fist I collide
Knocked out cold on the ground I lay
To the department store gods I pray
And as I come to
She says ‘That shows you’
‘For pushing me out of the way’
‘Mild concussion’ a young man said
Another asks ‘You sure she’s not dead?’
Through the voices I hear
The lady’s giggle ring clear
‘More bargains for me up ahead’
So take my advice if shopping this year
Of old ladies stay well clear
They’re crafty and cunning
And when you go running
They’ll do more than just chew off your ear!
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  1. Marilyn Wilcher permalink
    December 28, 2010 10:05 am

    Well I think you will pass the test – I love reading you blogs – You are a genius

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