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Fashion disasters in 2010 – What were the worst fashion trends of the year?

December 31, 2010

On the final day of 2010 it is worth looking back at the highs and the lows of 2010, but as always it is the lows that provide the most entertainment.  Today I will therefore focus on the lows, and some of the things that fashion presented us, that just made me go ‘hmmm’.  Of course I will cast my view to American shores for much of my inspiration, as thankfully we haven’t seen all of these hit Australia!


As the name suggests, these are a cross between jeans and leggings and apparently have sold quite well in the states this year.  Most are purchased by girls, but they do make them for men as well.  What do you think?  These made the Wall Street Journal’s Brightest and Tightest list, on the LOW side of course.  You can see their full list here.

Jean Boots

Keeping on the jeans theme, it seems that someone had a crazy idea that crossing jeans with boots would be an awesome idea.  And not just the denim, which could, I suppose work, but the whole jeans with pocket and belt!  Hmmm.  Many thanks to StyleFrizz for finding these!

Skin Tight Jump Suits

ONTD, that is ‘Oh No They Didn’t’ have a very entertaining pictorial of the worst styles worn by celebrities this year, including some crazy crazy outfits like that worn by Lady Gaga.  In amongst that list is a number of skin tight jump suits, mostly black, but some in other colours too.  They think they are bad and I agree.  Even if you had the figure to carry it off, why would you want to go out looking like a, dare I say it, condom?

Harem Pants / Parachute Pants

Another celebrity in this one, and it seems that Gwen Stefani has a real thing for these pants.  It is the fashion of the 90’s, that I will say wasn’t good the first time round, and is still bad now.  Any outfit that takes a gorgeous women and does this to her legs, is just not right!  I guess though they must be comfortable?  Image from Shine.

Bunny Ears

Well we questioned the look when Jennifer Hawkins wore them to the Spring Carnival, and I am still questioning it!!  The Bunny Ears which have graced catwalks, been taken up by celebrities and seen in a variety of places will hopefully bow out gracefully and not be seen in 2011, but then who knows, I am sure 2011 will have its own fashion surprises to keep us smiling!

The 10 Worst Fashion Trends from Hub Pages is where I found this last image, and the rest of their bad fashions for 2010 also makes for interesting reading!

Do you have a bad fashion trend to add to our 2010 list?  If so let us know


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