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My Fashion Predictions – 2011 – Part 1

January 6, 2011

Alright, these are my predictions for 2011 in Australia…

First up Autumn/Winter 2011

If New York is anything to go by the Ugg Boots are the way to go, but I think in Australia this winter we’ll go for a more sophisticated version of this, with lined boots, but I do expect lots of hooded fluff lined jackets.

The other big trend is wool.  I think there will be a lot of wool this year, from thick big jacket jumpers to tight figure hugging woollen jumpers, and dresses.  But I don’t think (and I am hoping) that we will see more than just greys and blacks in these styles.  I think autumn colours will be represented, in the designs, in particular I think we’ll find a lot of 2 tone woollen items, that will blend a neutral colour like tan or beige or even nude in with smokey greys.

I think work attire will be classic this year, skirts, blouses, stylish cardigans and dresses which have a little punk influence.  Leather will also be popular in many forms.  In terms of material, I think we’ll see a lot of greys, black and bold prints.

This Basso & Brooke outfit, perfectly sums up my winter look, bold prints, two tone big jumpers and fur lined hoods!  Oh I forgot the gloves!  Don’t forget your gloves and scarfs!  If you outfit has no colour, add it with a bright scalf!


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