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New Year Zumba… learning without the embarrassment!

January 9, 2011

Happy Sunday one and all.

I am hot, sweaty and confused… yes I am getting into Zumba!  I know there are many of you out there that are thinking about venturing into this crazy sport / dance / fitness sensation that is sweeping Australia, but are wondering what it is all about, whether it works and most importantly if it is possible.  So I thought I would find out.

To do this I took a peak at a class, thankfully it was not as it is shown on the tv adverts, 100 super toned women moving in perfect sync with each other as they shimmy across the floor.  No there were a good mix of people, though predominantly they were young (up to 40) and relatively fit, I would guess between 50-75 kgs.  The first routine I watched was pretty good, a few missed moves and stumbles from the group, and from two girls quite a lot, but I learnt after that this was a routine they had been doing for some time, the two girls who missed many of the moves were new.  Never the less, I didn’t feel I was ready to cut it at this level, fitness wise or coordination.

So I blew the dust off our Wii and got My Fitness Coach Dance.  This is a great intro into dance exercise.  It teaches you the basic moves and shows you how they are put together.  I am now after a week of banishing the kids from the room, able to do most of the dance moves reasonably competently, though when it gets up to speed or in a routine I am still all over the place!  For me though this is great, it is far more fun to make a fool of myself at home, and when I gain enough confidence I can take on the classes.

But does it work?

I’d have to say from the muscle ache in my stomach for the past week, that yes, if you are wanting to get a good cardio work out and focus on your abs, dancing is a brilliant way to do it!

So if you want to try something new and don’t want to commit to a gym or routine, why not check out one of your other alternatives?  For me it was the Wii game.  You can get this one from most stores at the moment for $28.  For other consoles there are similar games, just ask at your game store.  If you do not have a gaming console, you can still get involved by buying a DVD.  But whatever you do, unless you are a competent dancer, make sure you get a beginner version and work up from there.

I’ve put the trailer below for the one I’m using!  I’ll let you know if I get better 🙂

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