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Thoughts are with people in Queensland

January 12, 2011

Brisbane under threat of flooding. Photo from the Age website. Click on the image for more photos

Most of our readers are from Australia, and as such you will already know about the devastating floods which are creeping towards people in Brisbane today.  With Toowoomba and Ipswich already suffering the worst, Brisbane is bracing itself.

For the last few years it has been hard to imagine Australia in a time of flood as drought stretched across the plains, sending almost every state in Australia onto water restrictions.  Public conversation has been strongly focused on water conservation and alternatives, even desalination plants.  Now all of a sudden the dams in Queensland are at 150% capacity.

It shows Australia for what it is, a beautiful rugged land, that will both fill your heart with joy and tear it apart.  From droughts, to floods, to bushfires and earthquakes (thankfully not too many of the last) it is a rewarding and punishing country to live in.  I am sure it is true too, what they say in Queensland, it will break their hearts, but not their spirit.

Our thoughts (from all of us at Covelli) are with everyone affected and we hope that you are safe.

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